Improved Websites Improve Business

Savvy business people understand the impact of a positive first impression. They know a company's first connection with a potential client is the big teeter-totter decision-making encounter for future business.

In today's business world, this has never been more true for websites. Cyber-space is now the number one connection point between client and company, and never before has an organization's website so directly affected its bottom line.

What impression is your website giving?

People Leave Bad Websites

According to Charles Duncombe of the Just Say Please group, a single spelling mistake can cut online sales in half. Bad grammar will lose a business money, and negatively affects its brand and company reputation. Even Google penalizes erroneous websites with lower rankings.

In turn, quality websites mark product excellence. Make sure your website is earning money for you and not turning customers away. Let Kay's Digital Quill help put your best communication and expertise out there. You can't afford not to. Losing readers, opportunities, and business is much more expensive.

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Having a website is a bigger responsibility than most people realize.

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